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Do you monitor 146.52 and 446.00 MHz simplex? They are national calling frequencies. Give a call on the highway, monitor at home.

A suggestion: Many of us scan all the time. When you call someone, announce the frequency you’re on…. “on 52″ or “on 79″. Sometimes the scan function kicks in before we can see where it was…. of course if the beep is unique like the one on “120″, then….

We are always soliciting ideas for “tech night” presentations. Have an idea? Let us know. And remember, the doctor is always in on “tech night”, so bring your questions to the meeting.

The Playground Amateur Radio Club has an active email group. You can get on the list by using the Yahoo button on the right-->

Notices and Announcements:

Santa Rosa County is looking for people interested in attending the ARRL "Introduction to Emergency Communications" class on April 4 & 11. We still have 20 seats available on a first-come, first-serve basis. The class hours are from 0800 - 1700 each day at the Santa Rosa County Emergency Operations Center in Milton. This course is primarily geared towards Amateur Radio operators who would be providing emergency communications to ARES, CERT Teams, first responders, etc. Non-hams are welcome, but licensed amateur radio operators will receive attendance priority. If you were to take this course online, it would cost $50 for ARRL members and $85 for non-members. We will only charge the $15 cost to take the final exam. The textbook (a $24.95 value) is thrown in for free! More information and registration can be done from the website. Check our website at k4src.org for details.

The Emerald Coast Amateur Radio Association will be holding an upgrade class / seminar for any area amateur radio operator who wishes to upgrade their license. The General upgrade class will be held later this month. The Amateur Extra course will be conducted more like a seminar. Additional information can be found on our website: emeraldcoasthams.com.

The Annual Christmas Dinner was held at the North Bay Baptist Church on Thursday, December 18th. There was more than enough food, friends, and fun to go around. Thanks to all who attended, hope to see you next year!

SARNET is now online at 444.900+ 100Hz via the FHP tower in Crestview. Check out SARNetfl.com for more info about the Statewide Amateur Radio Network.

Ham Fest 2015 Raffle Tickets are on sale now! Buy them here or from any club member.

October's Tech Night was replaced by the yearly club auction. Thanks to all who attended! The club made a little bit of money and everyone had a good time!

The club has decided to pursue 501c(3) non-profit status. The amended constitution has been voted into effect and the necessary paperwork is underway. More to follow as progress is made...

With the recent replacement of the clubhouse roof, we have come together and cleaned up the radio room like never before. Please come and see the new setup, we will be operating a digital station in addition to our regular phone operating position.

Also, the club has voted to start an eBay account with which to sell abandoned/donated items. Please consider donating your unwanted items, ham-related or otherwise. If you would like to see the item sold for a certain amount, you can specify the reserve on it. Otherwise, the items will be sold for whatever the auction will bring. ALL proceeds will be for the benefit of the club. Any time spent managing the auctions and inventory will be done by volunteers and shipping costs will be covered by the auction price in order to maximize the benefit to the club. Contact us for information.


The Playground Amateur Radio Club normally meets the first and third Thursday of each month and is open to all members and guests.

The first Thursday is Tech Night with subjects relating to technical and informative instruction, or demonstrations of interest to all amateurs.

The third Thursday is the business meeting attended by elected officers and guests.

There is an informal gathering known as the PARC coffee call on Saturdays at 0700 at Joe and Eddies on Eglin Parkway in Fort Walton Beach, All are welcome. Monitor 147.555 FM simplex for changes in plans.

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