Dedicated To Rembering Our SKs

Bill Myers, KK4KF/SK
(April 18, 1951-September 22, 2015)

Bill Myers, KK4KF

"Deputy Myers ... served this community with distinction for decades. He was loved, admired, and respected for his dedication to the law enforcement profession. He loved photography and he had an ability to make those around him smile, especially his young granddaughter who he adored and took to Disney World as often as he could. We pray for his soul and for his family and we ask that the community pray for them as well, and for all the men and women who have the courage in these troubled times to put their lives on the line for others." --Sheriff Larry Ashley

Paul A Foster, WB8UNT/SK
(August 27, 1944-October 25, 2013)

Paul A Foster, WB8UNT, SK A lifelong educator, Paul continued a family legacy established generations before him, and inspired many others to join the profession. Paul enjoyed a 30-year teaching career at Aiken High School and Cincinnati Technical College. He was also a veteran of the U.S. Navy, having served during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

After retirement, and moving to Fort Walton Beach, Paul worked 11 years for the Supervisor of Elections office and proudly served on the Board of Trustees at Northwest Florida State College. His community service also included Okaloosa Island Fire Commissioner, CERT, Leaseholders Association, and Playground Amateur Radio Club. Paul was an avid supporter of the Eastern Panhandle Regional Science Fair, judging and mentoring students and representing the Playground Amateur Radio Club in providing awards to students whose projects related to Amateur Radio. This was one of Paul's favorite involvements as it was a combination of his teaching profession and his hobby. It afforded him the opportunity to continue his mission to help students and to promote his hobby of amateur radio.

PARC SK Memorial QSL Cards

C.M. Christensen, AC0M
Hank Kahrs, K2UVG
K4AQO Cecil D. Cliburn, K4AQO
K4CUC Harry Morar, K4CUC
KD4XT Josiah C. Musick, KD4XT
KF4MG Betty Farr, KF4MG
N1CPG Tony Tino, N1CPG
N4BEY Charles Shackelford, N4BEY
N4DQB Allen Farr, N4DQB
N4DZT Mel Bray, N4DZT
N4GNW Vern Reierson, N4GNW
N4GQ Jack Renaud, N4GQ
N4GSS Eugene D. Bench, N4GSS
N4HMD Lloyd C. Wood, N4HMD
N4LOA Gil Gates, N4LOA
N4QWX Clair Fisher, N4QWX
VE3HVD John Howarth, VE3HVD
W4BVE Alan C. Hinshelwood, W4BVE
W4CXP Ken Huntley, W4CXP
W4DTV Bob H. Watson, W4DTV
W4IID Ted Smith, W4IID
W4IPM Roger Wells, W4IPM
W4MFY Bob Stevens, W4MFY
W4MMW John Lakin, W4MMW
W4NHH Bill Schuch, WA4NHH
W4OSE George W. Edwards, W4OSE
W4ROM Jim Waits, W4ROM
W4SMM Jack Rouden, W4SMM
W4UXW Randy Counsman, W4UXW
W4VXV John Pcheny, W4VXV
W4WIJ William J. Hord, W4WIJ
W4ZWD Noble Ireland, W4ZWD
W5RHE Sam Galloway, W5RHE
W5VWJ Delmar S. Stone, W5VWJ
W8HQB Charles Rose, W8HQB
WA4FRK Curt Kroha, WA4FRK
WA4YPE Theda Powell, WA4YPE
WB4EER Bill Hendricks, WB4EER
WB4HMQ Hap Oliver, WB4HMQ
WB4NJW Howard H. Hill, WB4NJW
WB4PGQ Clair W. Chellberg, WB4PGQ
WB4ZYG Wilbur Powell, WB4ZYG
WB8UNT Paul A Foster, WB8UNT
WB9RKJ Jan Sager, WB9RKJ
WD4HIF Phil O'Dwyer, WF4X
WD4KKV Leonard J. Waechter, WD4KKV
WG4X Harold R. Byrd, WG4X

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