The Playground Amateur Radio Club conducts a net each Sunday night at 7:30 PM CST on 146.790- 100Hz. This is an informal swap net. Members and visitors alike are asked to check in and share some of their experiences with the group. Maybe you have a question to submit or perhaps you have the answer to another’s question. Either way, your input is valued and appreciated. Also, you will have the opportunity to sell your used equipment or buy someone else’s during the Swap portion of the net. So, take a few minutes, stop by the frequency, and share some of your week with us. If you are interested in being a net control operator and are a member of the club, please contact us at:


Monday Nights: Okaloosa ARES at 7:30 PM on 147.120+ 100Hz.
Tuesday Nights: Northwest Florida DX Net at 7:30 PM on 147.555 (Simplex)
Friday Mornings: SARNet Duval County EOC (All Amateurs welcome) at 9:00 AM on 444.900+ 100Hz
Sunday Nights: TCARC at 8:30 PM on 146.730-

Nightly: GCVTN at 8:00 PM on 147.360+ 100Hz
See for information regarding wider area nets.

2014 PARC NCS Roster
Net Control Information

This is ONLY a suggested NCS script, feel free to use it or not.

This is ____________ located in ______________. My name is ______, and I will be the Control Station tonight for the Playground Amateur Radio Club net. We meet each Sunday evening at 19:30 Hours using the 146.790 repeater.

The Playground Amateur Radio Club meets the First & Third Thursday of each month at 19:30 Hrs. The clubhouse is located at the corner of First and Church Streets FWB. All are welcome.

The First Thursday is Tech night with subjects relating to technical and informative instruction or demonstrations of interest to all Amateurs. Next Meeting is (__________________________).

The Third Thursday is the business meeting attended by elected officers and is open to all members and guests. Next meeting is (____________________________).

This is an open net, all amateurs are invited to check in and participate. During the net you may discuss any amateur radio related subject and you may sell, swap or trade amateur related items.

Please give your call sign slowly and remember to let the repeater drop before placing your call.

Stations on emergency power or short of time please call ______________.

I will now take regular check-ins please call ______________.

Late check-ins to the PARC Sunday Night Net please call ______________.

Does anyone have anything else for the net?

My personal thanks to all participants and I hope to hear each of you soon. A special thanks to the Playground Amateur Radio Club for the use of their repeater. W4ZBB

Until next time, be safe and enjoy amateur radio. This is ______________, clear and returning the frequency to normal Amateur use.

Playground Amateur Radio Club PARC is an ARRL affiliated club ARES

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