This last weekend (Feb 24),some of the PARC Team set sight on making it to Dalton Georgia for their Hamfest! Wow what an event and a great mini-vacation! This was done by leaving on a Friday, traveling 6.5 hours North, and enjoying the sights, sounds, flavors, and of course, the Ham!

We went into Tennessee not once, but twice! once for a dinner and the other time for the International Tow Truck Museum!  before heading home!

The Dalton Hamfest is an exceptionally large show with three indoor buildings and a large outdoor tailgate area! The activity in this area is all about radio! CB, GMRS, FRS, HAM, you name it, if it’s radio, it’s there! No segregation of services as they merge and blend all facets of communication into one! We highly recommend checking this show out! Follow this link for the 2024 video!