Wow what a weekend! Outside, fresh air, friendly faces, open communication, and QSO’s for Field day!

A very large thank you to all who participated, made contacts, and just flat out, had fun! This was a wonderful event for Team PARC at Fred R Gannon State Park in Niceville Florida! We hope your field day was wonderful as well! PARC racked up the contacts and used only battery and solar power! To add to that, we used gear that was designed for ease of use and rapid deployment! We would like to make a special thank you known to the Mayor of Niceville, Dan Henkel, who came out and got involved with Amateur Radio, understanding its operational capability, and seeing first hand how dependable Amateur Radio Communicators are to the community at large!

Another special thanks goes out to the Twin Cities Amateur Radio Club for attending the PARC Field Day Event and operating under the Club’s call, W4ZBB! We would also like to that the staff at Fred R Gannon State Park for having us and taking an esteemed interest in what we do, how to get licensed, what gear works good versus what does not, and offering input for future events!

Enjoy the photos below and take note of AA0EU’s ingenuity of a pole for his counterpoise!