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June 22-23, 2024 Field Day
Site Responsibility Ed Underfinger
Safety Ed Underfinger
Elected official visitor Dan Henkel, Mayor of Niceville
132 QSOs
Power mod x2
100 pts Emergency power
100 pts Public location
100 pts Public Information Table
100 pts Alternate power
100 pts Elected official visit
100 pts Social Media
1064 pts total
This is great considering performance in years past and we sure are grateful for the participants, visitors, and teammates who made this possible! The next adventure for Team PARC is going to be the continuation of our awesome Sunday Pile-Ups at 3pm located at 17 First St SE in Beautiful Downtown Fort Walton Beach Florida and our meetings and nets as indicated on the clubs calendar!
We will have more in store as we progress with multiple projects, the continuation of WIRES-X on 146.400, Room 91172, 01172! This is been a great work in progress by Mark, NC4MR! We also are working FT8 with him for a J8 call. Keep up with us and don’t forget to come visit us and get some of Randy’s, KJ4FNB’s Sausages! Curious? Come see him! Super delicious!