Meet Paul Sapp, N4HFZ, a former USAF Flight Simulator VET (30 Years) used to go to Castle AFB in California and was able to sign for excess equipment that had passed its technological service due to the rapid technological expansion following WW2. His collection includes operational gear from the 1950’s and on. The old military equipment from his MARS days at Castle AFB is to be considered a donation to the Playground Amateur Radio Club!

The following items are now added as Playground Club property and enhance the test bench!

OS-8E oscilloscope: got it new, Replaced parts over the years, but still functional. With manual

TS-505 Electronic Multimeter: worked ok years ago, haven’t used it in15 years. With manual.

URM-26 Signal Generator: works ok, but attenuation circuit may be faulty. Tunes about 200 kHz to 30 m Hz.

To see and learn to use these assets, please stop in at the Playground Amateur Radio Club based on our Calendar for our weekly Pile-Ups! You never know, you too can learn the ways of the old to understand what influenced the new! Be more than an operator, be a technician!